​A school Chaplain is a safe person for young people to connect with at school, providing a listening ear, caring presence and a message of hope. They partner with the other welfare and student services to care for students struggling with a range of issues, within themselves or their family and social networks, which may include: family problems, confusing relationships, peer pressure, friendship difficulties, low self-esteem, bullying, depression, suicide, drug and alcohol issues, and/or physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Chaplains run positive, fun activities for young people, both in and out of school, and foster a supportive, caring school community. This includes support for at-risk students, support for staff and families from the wider school community, and spiritual support and direction for the school community.

Chaplaincy at Wavell is supported by local churches, individuals, the P&C Association, businesses and community organisations which provide a network of local support and assistance for the school community. These positive relationships help young people to face issues, and provide hope, connection, meaning and purpose.

Our Chaplain, Sarah Erskine, started her service at Wavell State High School at the beginning of September 2007. However, she was already well established with the school as she graduated Year 12 from Wavell in 1997 and has worked in a volunteer capacity at the school for three years prior to her appointment.

Sarah, better known to our students as ‘Chappy’, comes to Chaplaincy with almost ten years experience working with youth, particularly being the Youth Intern at her church from 2004 to 2007.

Currently studying a Diploma of Theology and being able to work in a school like Wavell, with its amazing Chaplaincy heritage, Sarah considers herself very blessed and is grateful for this opportunity. Sarah’s passion is to be a voice of truth to and for this generation. Her heart is to see lives transformed as they realise their own infinite worth and live a life devoted to reaching their full potential.

Sarah is employed as a Chaplain by SU QLD. SU QLD is an interdenominational Christian organisation, officially endorsed by Education Queensland as an accredited employing authority for school Chaplains. They have worked in schools for more than 75 years, in partnership with local churches and community groups. Since 1990, SU QLD has been the leading supplier of school Chaplains in Queensland state schools, currently training, supporting, equipping, and overseeing more than 400 Chaplaincies.

At the school Monday to Friday, Sarah is available for interviews by appointment by calling her directly on 3350 0335 or via email at . Students may also be referred by teachers, parents and administration staff.

Concerns and/or complaints regarding either the Chaplain or the Chaplaincy Service should be directed to Mr Josef Bucher (Deputy Principal).​​

Last reviewed 23 November 2021
Last updated 23 November 2021