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At Wavell SHS, students have access to desktop computers in computer laboratories, and laptop computers in mobile trolleys. Learning spaces are fitted out with ceiling mounted data projectors which are used to support the teaching and learning process. Students can print to and retrieve print jobs in A3, A4 sizes or in mono or colour from a fleet of multi-function printing devices spread throughout the school. The internet is provided throughout the school and can be accessed in the computer labs or using the mobile laptops which access the internet through the wireless technology located throughout the school.

Any feedback or questions can be forwarded to the IT Department via

BYOx - Bring your own device

Wavell State High School uses devices in a classroom to enable learning for now, and the future​.

The BYOx Program is for available to students from Years 7 to 12. In 2022, students in Years 10,  11 and 12 are required to bring their own laptop. This is optional for students in Years 7 -9. Students are required to follow the BYOx policy (PDF, 212KB), which outlines how the device should be used in class and around the school. All students are expected to have their device at school and charged, along with the books for classes. Students must abide by the standards in the school's St​udent Code of Conduct (PDF, 555KB).

To connect a student's device to bring to school:

  1. Return the student the BYOx participation agreement (PDF, 212KB) to IT Services in D04

  2. At home, complete the steps outlined in connec​ting to BYOx (PDF, 123KB)​.

  3. Bring your laptop to D04 to complete the onboarding process and checklist. 

Minimum Requirements

Wavell SHS recommends that any BYOx laptop meets the following minimum specifications to enable suitability for curriculum-based activities.

Note: These minimum specifications will be reviewed annually to ensure curriculum requirements continue to be met.

Operating System
HardwareNot Supported
PCWindows 10 (20H2)

Screen Size: 11.6inch or greater

RAM: 4GB or higher

Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher, AMD Quad-core equivalent or higher

Storage: 120​GB+ Solid State Drive or 320GB+ Hard Drive 

Memory: 4Gb or higher

Wireless: Standard (802.11ax/​802.11ac/802.11n) 5.0GHz

Note: Physical keyboard and mouse required for Windows touch devices.

Windows 7

Windows RT

Windows 10S

Windows CE

Windows Terminal Services

Windows Mobile 8

Windows Mobile RT

Windows Surface 8

Windows Surface RT

MacMacOS High Sierra 10.13

Macintosh with:

RAM: 4Gb or higher

Processor: 1Ghz

Storage: 256GB or higher

MacOS 10.0-10.12

All devices need:

  • Integrated speakers and microphone
  • 1 x integrated pointing device (mouse)



Android Tablets



Student may have a 3G/4G/5G enabled device; however, they will be required to access resources and internet through the school's Wi-Fi network while at school.

Note:  Windows and Mac devices have inbuilt security which is preferred to other third party antivirus software products. Using antivirus software products, other than the inbuilt Windows or Mac security, can cause issues when connecting to our school network. ​

Microsoft Office software

All Queensland state school students can download multiple free copies of the latest Microsoft Office to their personal home computers and mobile devices.

Students will need to use their school email address to sign in. Students who don't have a school login, school email account and password should contact their school's Managed Internet Service (MIS) administrator or class teacher. The administrator will help students activate their school login.

Your Office subscription lasts for as long as you're a Queensland state school student.

Download process

For PC and Mac, visit the Office Portal, login using your school email address, click through to install and follow the onscreen process.

For tablets and smartphones, download from your app store and sign in with your school email address.

If you have trouble, please refer to the instructions on how to download and install Microsoft Office 2019 to your personal home computers:

Payment plans

Devices are not available for hire or purchase through the school. If you are unable to provide your child with a device, contact the school.


We strongly recommend that all personal electronic devices are insured against accidental damage, loss and theft. You can either:

  • include the device on your home and contents insurance
  • contact an insurer that offers specific student device cover products.

Day Use Only Lockers

For students participating in the BYOx program, Day Use Only Lockers are being provided for students to store their laptops on the occasions when a laptop may not be required e.g. during HPE lessons. Students are required to bring their own padlock and key. Students are required to remove the padlock from the locker and empty the locker before going home each day. Any lockers with padlocks left on after students leave at the end of the school day will have the padlocks removed by school staff and any contents from the lockers will be taken to the main office.

Note: Any laptop owned by a student MUST be taken home at the end of the school day.

Laptop Charging Stations

Should any student require a top-up charge during the day for their BYOx device, two self-managed laptop charging units have been installed in the library and one on middle level N-Block for the use of students who participate in the Wavell SHS BYOx Program.

Year 11/12 Temporary Day Use

Year 11 and 12 students who are part of the BYOx program and require a temporary day use loan laptop may be eligible to borrow a specially labelled day use only laptop from the library. There are only 14 of these special laptops available for borrowing. These laptops must be signed out before 9 am and must be returned to the library before 3 pm.

BYOx - Vendor Portals

To assist parents who wish to purchase a suitable laptop, Wavell SHS has partnered with several vendors to produce sites called portals, where parents can purchase a quality laptop with extended warranty, insurance, accidental damage protection and with business level technical support provided.

Three vendors which Wavell SHS has so far partnered with are:

Last reviewed 08 December 2021
Last updated 08 December 2021