Work Experience


Work Experience takes place in Semester 2 and is an important part of our Careers Education program and SET planning. All students are expected to participate in the Work Experience program from Tuesday 21st June to Friday 24th June 2022. Students attend school on Monday 21st June for a Work Experience Preparation Session.  

Work Experience week is part of a long tradition for year 10 students at Wavell State High School. During the last week of Semester 1, the entire cohort of students are given the opportunity to experience the world of work for four full working days. During this time, they are placed with employers using the Education Queensland Work Agreement which provides Work Cover insurance and indicates the scope of work to be undertaken by the students.  

It is important for students to first attempt finding their own Work Experience placement. The skills they develop in seeking work placement are invaluable and helps them develop confidence in the world outside of school. It also assures that students get the Work Experience placement they want.

Students receive comprehensive guidance and support from a team of dedicated staff throughout Semester 1 to help them find and secure placements and prepare them for their work week. To assist students with managing the process more autonomously, resources, information and updates are available online via the school website as well as on the School Intranet.

We look forward to a successful year with our Work Experience Program. If you have any questions regarding work experience please contact Mrs Ruby Peinke on 3350 0368 or email

Work Experience Key Dates & Checkpoints

  • 5th March: Parent Permission / Preferences
  • 7th May: Work Provider Details 
  • April onwards: Work Agreement
  • 20th June: WEX orientation at school
  • 21st to 24th June: Attend Work Placement
  • 15th July: Submit Record of Work​​​​​​​


Mrs Ruby Peinke 

(07) 3350 0368;  H07 or H06; 

NOTE: All work agreements MUST be processed through the school. 

Documents and Resources

Complete and submit to the work experience office.   

How to ask for work (PDF, 322 KB)
Use in person, email or phone call.
Basic resume (Word, 29 KB)
Complete and keep electronic copy to use when applying for placement. 
Parent letter (​PDF, 98 KB)
Read and keep for quick reference regarding detail of Work Experience. ​

Work preference form (PDF, 162 KB)
​Parent permission and student signature required. 
Work provider details form (PDF, 54 KB)
Return this to the WEX office​ once the student finds a work provider - hard copy or email. 
Work agreement form (PDF, 277 KB)
Agreement generated by WEX team - need to collect appropriate signatures PRIOR to commencement of work placement. 
Work experience record of placement (Word, 435 KB)
Record of work to complete during placement, to be signed off by work provider. 
​Insurance information (PDF, 185 KB)
An overview of the WorkCover Queensland policy. Certificate of Currency available on request from WEX office. 

Frequently asked questions (PDF, 149 KB)
​Quick reference sheet to most frequently asked questions while at work.

Work experience wrap up and recognition (JPG, 67 KB)
​This is a celebratory assembly to acknowledge participation in this program and recognise student achievement​. 
Last reviewed 24 February 2022
Last updated 24 February 2022