Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Agreement

  1. ​The school’s Internet and e-mail accounts exist to provide access to curriculum-related information.  I will not use these accounts to look for material which is unrelated to the school’s curriculum unless I have been given permission by a member of the school’s administration or a teacher who is directly supervising me.
  2. Programs (including games) are not to be downloaded, saved onto the school system or run from flash drives or floppy disks.
  3. Publications dealing with pornography or extreme violence are not permitted at the school.  I will not use the Internet or e-mail to access unacceptable material.  I will report such material immediately.
  4. I will take care in my use of information published on the Internet, realising that it may be inaccurate or may misrepresent a person or situation.
  5. Copyright law states that “it is illegal to copy and/or distribute another author’s work without acknowledgment” therefore, I shall always acknowledge the source of any work I copy from the Internet.
  6. Section 85ZE of the Commonwealth Crimes Act states that “a person shall not knowingly or  recklessly:
    • use a telecommunications service supplied by a carrier to menace or harass another person;  or
    • use a telecommunications service supplied by a carrier in such a way as would be regarded by reasonable persons as being, in any circumstance, offensive”.
  7. I understand that I have a credit for a stated amount for computer printing for curriculum use.  If I require use beyond this limit, I will be required to pay for additional printing credit.  I understand that use of the colour printers is for school-related purposes only.
  8. I will not divulge my network or internet account details (username and/or password) to another student.  I will not use another student’s account details to access Information & Communication Technology facilities.
  9. I understand that I have been provided with an email account in order to support communication between myself, my teachers and peers to assist in my studies.  I will not use my email account in any way that jeopardises or interferes with my studies or in a way that cannot be reasonably justified in support of my education and the core purpose of my enrolment at Wavell State High School. In addition, I will not forward or send mass emails of any kind.
  10. I understand that my network data files are not private, and that teachers have access to them at any time.  I understand that the IT Department may access my email mailbox and/or a record of my school-based internet activity if inappropriate use is suspected.
  11. I understand that if I cause deliberate damage to a school owned ICT device (e.g. a laptop computer, desktop computer or monitor), I will be liable for the cost of repairs.
  12. I understand that it is my responsibility to report any damage of a school owned ICT device that has been allocated in my name, immediately to the teacher in charge, otherwise I may be held liable for the damage and be responsible for the cost of repairs.

Any violation of this agreement will incur a penalty.  The most likely penalty will be a ban from the use of the Internet, e-mail, and possibly all school computers, except for assessable work to be completed in-class, under direct teacher supervision.  The length of this ban will depend on the seriousness of the offence.  The final decision on the severity of the consequence will rest with the Principal.  (Serious or repeated misuse could result in a school suspension).

Last reviewed 18 May 2020
Last updated 18 May 2020