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Exam Information for All Students


​Block exams are conducted under FORMAL examination conditions.
Students are expected to follow these guidelines:

  1. Normal school rules apply – including formal school uniform.
  2. Make a copy of your exam timetable – carefully checking that it is correct.
  3. It is the responsibility of the student to come to the exam fully prepared as instructed by their class teacher e.g. pens (always have a spare), ruler, calculators.  You are not permitted to borrow or lend equipment.
  4. Once you enter the room you are in strict exam conditions, you must be silent.
  5. It is expected that students will have gone to the toilet and had a drink before they enter the exam.  You are allowed to bring in a clear water bottle.
  6. During your exam you will not be allowed to communicate with other students.  This includes talking, gestures, facial signals or passing of notes.  If a student does communicate during an exam it may be considered cheating and appropriate consequences will follow. 
  7. Students must remain quiet at all times so as not to distract other students.  This includes giggling, tapping pens, turning around, swinging on the chairs, moving desks etc.
  8. If you finish your exam early you should check your paper - proof read and correct any errors you may have made.
  9. You cannot hand your paper in until the end of the session.  You are required to sit quietly until the session has finished.  (Always redo and proof read all your answers.)
  10. Students are required to bring tissues with them into the exam if they have a cold.  (Sniffling is very distracting to others.)
  11. If you need to ask a question you need to raise your hand and wait for a teacher to come to you – do not get up and go to the teacher.
  12. If your paper requires stapling this will occur at the end of the exam, not during the exam.
  13. Make sure you have your name on every page of your exam.  This is particularly important when writing essay style questions on lined paper.
  14. Attendance slips must be filled in before you begin your exam. 
  15. Perusal time is a time for you to look over the exam and gather your thoughts. Your teacher will have instructions on your exam paper outlining what is permitted. 
  16. Don’t let any other students see your exam.   Keep your own eyes on your paper or you may be accused of cheating.
  17. You are not permitted to have a pencil case on your desk or any other items that you do not require to complete the exam paper.
  18. Late papers – If you miss an exam you are required to report to Mrs Bullen’s office on the very next day (with formal documentation) to reschedule your exam.  This is critical as we have to locate your paper and find a suitable venue for you to sit your exam. 
    Mrs Bullen
    Deputy Principal