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BYOx - Bring your own device

The ‘x’ in The BYOx acronym used by the department refers to the teaching and learning environment in Queensland state schools where privately owned devices are used. The ‘x’ in BYOx represents more than a privately owned device, it also includes software, applications, connectivity or carriage service.
During Term 4 2014, Terms 1 & 2 2015, Wavell SHS conducted a BYOx Trial program to gather data on device connection, program benefits and any potential issues to resolve. This program was enthusiastically embraced by many students who saw the educational value of using the same device at home and school to support their learning.
The School Council of Wavell SHS has approved the implementation of a voluntary BYOx program from the commencement of the 2016 school year. Any student owned laptop which meets the minimum school determined specifications will be permitted to participate in the program. School owned computers are available for use, while at school, for any student who does not participate in the BYOx program.
All infrastructure costs for the BYOx program have been absorbed into the Wavell SHS Resource Hire Scheme payment.

The Benefits of BYOx Learning

  • BYOx learning embraces and offers modern, mobile and exciting ways to support the learning process through the use of a student owned and supplied device. 
  • Mobile learning is unique in that it completely stretches what has occurred in traditional approaches to learning and traditional classroom environments.
  • BYOx learning enables learning to become portable, personal, collaborative, interactive, instructive, differentiated and contextual.
  • Learning can be delivered anywhere at any time. 
  • BYOx learning creates a much stronger nexus between school and home. 
Students participating in the voluntary Bring Your Own Laptop Program will be able to:
  • access filtered internet provided by the school (3G/4G internet from personal devices is not permitted to be enabled while at school.)
  • retrieve print jobs from any student printer
  • access their home directory on the school network
  • access eLearning resources from the Learning Place

Day Use Only Lockers – BYOx Program

For students participating in the BYOx program, Day Use Only Lockers are being provided for students to store their laptops on the occasions when a laptop may not be required eg during HPE lessons. Students are required to bring their own padlock and key. Students are required to remove the padlock from the locker and empty the locker before going home each day. Any lockers with padlocks left on after students leave at the end of the school day will have the padlocks removed by school staff and any contents from the lockers will be taken to the main office.

Note: Any laptop owned by a student MUST be taken home at the end of the school day.