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The Canteen is open daily, before school commences and at both recess periods. Voluntary workers staff this facility. We are always looking for more helpers. Parents of new students are asked to contact our Convenor, Mrs Noela Tweedale, on (07) 3350 0377.

The Shops Committee of the Parents and Citizens’ Association is responsible for the operation of the school canteen. The voluntary workers provide a variety of food at reasonable prices. We are always looking for more helpers, so please encourage your parents/guardians to assist. The more helpers we have, the better the service the canteen can provide. Courtesy is expected at all times.

Canteen Rules

  • Make your selection and move out. No chatting!
  • Only enter the canteen if you are making a purchase.
  • Always check with the cashiers before leaving. Have your money ready.
  • Ice-creams can only be purchased at lunch.
  • When the first bell goes, move off to class - you will not be served at the Canteen.
  • The Canteen is off limits between classes - you will not be served.
  • Good manners in, or around, the Canteen at all time.  

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