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Music Extension


Authority Subject – contributes towards an OP
Performance or Composition or  Musicology – Year 12 only

Music Extension is an Authority Subject that is designed to cater for students with particular musical ability who may be contemplating further study in music or a career in music.

The subject offers specialisation which can be defined both as an area of study and as a career path in the profession.  The subject is an obvious choice for students who are serious about their music studies, and will cater for musically gifted and talented students by providing them with a pathway to receive academic credit for their commitment to music. Students are able to select one of three strands of this course – Performance, or Composition or Musicology.

The course involves two Semesters of study in Year 12.


Students must already have achieved an appropriate level of musicianship in a major study e.g. keyboard, voice, other instrument or composition.  It is recommended that students be a member of the Instrumental Music and Band Program or an outside ensemble, particularly if majoring in performance.

Companion Subjects

Students who select Music Extension must also study the Authority Subject Music.


The course aims to

  • Provide students with demonstrated expertise in performance or composition or musicology.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to develop further their musical abilities.
  • Pursue excellence in the performance or composition of Music or the research of styles of Music.
  • Develop cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills of the highest order.
  • Develop discrimination, sensitivity and responsiveness at a heightened level.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate achievement at an advanced level in one of three dimensions:
    • Solo Performance
    • Composition
    • Musicology


Performance students will be required throughout the course to perform as a Soloist or in an ensemble of choice, in at least two recitals as part of a larger concert program for members of the wider school community.

Students of Composition and Musicology will produce negotiated assessment items throughout the course.

Expectations and Homework

Music Extension will be studied by Year 12 students in the normal subject class time allocation for the Senior School.  This comprises three 70 minute lessons for private study.  Students will also study the subject for an additional 80 minute lesson during Sport on Wednesday afternoons with their class teacher as tutor.

It is expected that Performance students will also have a private teacher outside the school who will supervise their musical study and assist them in preparation for performances and examinations.  A high degree of commitment to the course is expected.  Students must be prepared to rehearse thoroughly for all performance tasks.  Daily instrument practice is advisable with five to six hours per week recommended.  A professional accompanist will be needed for the two recitals. This will be funded by the student.

Students of Composition and Musicology will be expected to spend at least three hours per week outside of school time engaged in study and research.

Music Extension (Performance) may also be offered as a Year 11 Tutorial on Wednesday afternoons in preparation for the Year 12 Excellence subject.


There is no levy attached to this Excellence Program subject; however if students require an accompanist for their performances, the expense of a professional accompanist (approx $60-00) is to be paid for by the student.  Students are also required to purchase their own music and provide photocopies of this at various times throughout the course.